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That's the idea behind MUCHACHOMALO (Spanish for 'Bad Boy') The concept of MUCHACHOMALO is based on a way of life; be yourself, enjoy life and don’t get carried away by daily hectic and expectations.

The brand is aimed at the tough guy who enjoys life and wearing its own identity. Women stop talking about dolls but men will always talk about their toys. The collection is not only for men but also available for boys, ladies and girls. The MUCHACHOMALO team consists of versatile, talented young artists, fashion designers and marketers.

All productions of the collection and advertising communications are "in-house" conceived and executed. From concepts to the creation of the collection, with supporting photo shoots, media content, and merchandising. This makes MUCHACHOMALO authentic. About Us Image Wearable art Every year MUCHACHOMALO introduces a theme that tells a story.

This story is artistically translated into a peice of wearable art. Each collection has a message. It gives people something to think or talk about. Once the theme has been selected, the design team starts with an innovative collection. Each print is going through a rigorous selection process before being added to the collection. The MUCHACHOMALO prints are all hand drawn by in-house artists. MUCHACHOMALO makes art wearable for everyone.



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